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Architect engineer services are offered through Professional Design and Construction. We work with a very close alliance, Architectural Resources, LLC to bring landscape and design architecture to you through our firm.

This is where we start with your project in order to create a building that suits your needs as well as fits your intended budget. By starting with us in this stage, it removes any confusion and helps to keep your project within the budget that you set. The architect firm that we use is reputable and known for its excellence in the industry. 

Some types of buildings we popularly work with are church, automotive, commercial and industrial buildings as well as we repair and redesign existing properties. Although we are not the architect, we work closely with a firm that we know to be reliable and will create a team with us to bring you the best possible situation for construction.

When you hire Professional Design and Construction, you are hiring a highly reputable team of professionals that will be working side by side with you, helping you to understand each stage of building and keeping you abreast of budget goals. Our alliance with an architect engineer brings a full service team to the table with your interests in mind. Our landscape and design architect firm partnership can help to make your church or commercial project a reality.