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Architectural design services are offered by our firm through Architectural Resources, LLC. We have a close alliance with this architectural engineering firm that we use for all of our projects. We will work with them to create a plan that is put together with the considerations of both and engineer as well as a designer.

Professional Construction and Design is a construction management company that takes the stress out of the building process for you by taking on the project from its earliest design and planning stages and carrying it out to finished product. 

This allows us to give a estimate that will be accurate and we ensure that by following a design build method. We meet with you throughout the process of the build to keep you abreast of options and changes, eliminating the element of surprise sometimes encountered when dealing with contractors.

So although we do not offer architectural design services directly, we do work closely with a carefully chosen architectural firm who has an excellent reputation for architectural engineering. By using us, you will get a plan for your building by and engineer and a designer working together. Using our firm is truly a blueprint for success!