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General contractor, building contractor and repairing building contractor are all terms that can be used to describe Professional Design and Construction. Our firm offers contractor/ builder services for commercial properties.

What makes us unique is our approach to the construction process. We work with you on your project from the earliest of design stages and help to carry your project through to the day of the ribbon cutting ceremony. This method of building is called design-build. 

By using a design-build approach, you will be eliminating the need for outside independent landscapers and designers as we can provide all of this as part of our service. We have a full staff to meet each of those needs as your project progresses.

We factor all necessary services into the budget in the beginning and will stick to the budget the whole way through by careful planning and strategy. We are not just any general contractor, we are a general contractor that will be there every step of the way for you.

Contact us today if you are looking for a building contractor or repairing contractor services. We are a builder with many years of experience in construction services for commercial and specialty projects.